Counseling and Coaching for LDS Families

Learn to navigate the storms of life with your family intact.

Building a happy family takes heart and plenty of help.

Let us help you reconnect and rebuild! Despite the obstacles that may seem insurmountable, such as rebellion, a faith crisis, or unending contention, you can keep your family afloat through the ups and downs of life and inspire connection, empowerment, and creation.

Does your family face any of these challenges?

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Poor Communication

Every member of your family needs to feel heard and valued. Let us help you learn to communicate in a direct and respectful way.

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Faith Crisis

Are you or a family member facing a crisis of faith? We’ll help keep your relationships strong as you navigate your family's faith journey. 


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When a child rebels, parents can feel lost and helpless. Discover how to get your child back on the right path as you strengthen your relationship.

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Loss And Trauma

If your family is facing a loss or trauma, we’ll help you through the healing process, whether you face a divorce, a blended family, death, or addiction.

A forever family takes work. It’s ok to ask for help.

A family needs to row together to survive the storms of life. No matter the challenges you face, we’re here to help guide you when the winds blow and waves crash. Together, we’ll get you and your family safely to your destination. 

A family operates at its best when each member feels valued and safe.

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Together, you can create something powerful and lasting. When discord and drama creep in, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Whether you simply need to find a way to reconnect with each other, or you’re facing serious issues you don’t know how to handle, our team of supportive family counselors and coaches are here to help. 

Using therapeutic principles that we adapt to your unique challenges, we’ll support your family members individually and as a group to create a solution. Our team combines expertise with a gospel foundation. Together, we can help your family: 

  • Manage the stress of busy schedules
  • Make time for bonding and connection
  • Communicate in a direct and respectful way
  • Work through rebellious behaviors and habits
  • Navigate through faith crises and transitions
  • Rebuild relationships after trauma and loss 

Coaching and Counseling for LDS families was designed to give each member of your family a chance to share their perspectives and ideas as you build your relationships. 

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Rediscover Connection

Let us help you connect with each member of your family on a more personal level. Everyone will have the chance to share their feelings and experiences. 


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Practice Happiness Principles

By combining proven theories of psychology with gospel teachings, we’ll help your family practice empowering principles that lead to lasting happiness. 

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Navigate Serious Issues

No matter what your family faces, we’re here to help. From rebellious behavior to traumatic changes, we’ll navigate you through the healing process. 

Meet our founding therapist, Jed Anderson

Ten years ago, I found myself returning to a cycle I had tried so hard on my own to overcome...

Jed Family Picture

I finally admitted I had an addiction. My internal world was heavy and numb, the weight of it was constantly with me, the only time I escaped the burden of shame, regret and fear was when I was asleep at night.

My wife had discovered my habit and I faced what had felt like an impossible task: to keep my promise to stop viewing pornography. I hated everything about it, and yet there it was. Desperately, I tried to be the person that I portrayed. But I knew this was bigger than me.

My first attempt at therapy was not great, I went to a therapist, not having researched them, and found they didn't have the insight and skill needed to really help. That's when I sought out and found someone who specialized in lust addiction. The difference was like night and day. I found recovery, and my wife found hope. For the next 18 months therapy was a part of our lives. It changed everything and I knew I had found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I was given weakness, that I might be humble, I was made humble, that I might be made strong.

Now, with my team, we help people find hope and recovery, through all types of common struggles. Because of my personal experience going through the depths of despair and hopelessness, and utilizing professional tools for recovery, I have a unique passion and skill set for helping families receive proven methods for recovery and healing, both individually, and as a family unit.

We will work together, with my certified and trained coaches and counselors to find the right connections for your healing journey. You can achieve a fulfilling, shameless life, permeated with love and trust. You can heal the attachment ruptures in your life. I am honored to witness this journey in my clients. If you are ready to save your life from the chains of addiction and to witness hope return to your spouses heart, then let's get started.

A forever family takes work. It’s ok to ask for help.

A family needs to row together to survive the storms of life. No matter the challenges you face, we’re here to help guide you when the winds blow and waves crash. Together, we’ll get you and your family safely to your destination. 

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